Search Engine Optimisation - one size doesn't fit all

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Search Engine Optimisation must be one of the great buzz-words or acronyms (SEO) thrown about today by Internet Marketing Companies and Ad Agencies. Not to mention the daily spam we all get from so called specialists, who don't even own their own domain name, telling us that they know why we or our customers and not ranking top for their search phrases. Of course they are just fishing for fear - the fear of Customers not finding you on the internet and you parting with your hard earned cash in the hope they will get you to number one.

You Too Can Get to Page One

As with many things in business, you need to pick your battles. Do you take a scatter gun approach and be at the bottom of the radar many times? Or do you want to own one or two spots in your area? We work with our customers to define their specialist markets and areas of expertise, then we build your website and online marketing campaigns around those phrases. Take a look at some of our customers results in Australia, New Zealand, US and UK search engines, as well as Facebook Search. Of course these can and do change daily, but they are consistently in page one.

More Than Webpages

Making your website, or specific web pages Rank highly is more than links in or out in our view. When developing your website we need to code the web pages to provide more information than just descriptions and keywords, we provide data to the likes of Facebook, so when someone lkes your page Facebook knows more than just what is typed on your page. We provide more data to Search Engines than just bold headings and text, so they know more about your webpage, your business, your services. Talk to us today about designing your Search Engine Optimised website and keeping it up to date.

Fiji Accommodation Packages and Holidays

Fiji Accommodation

Fiji Accommodation was launched in November 2011 and has grown in Consumer bookings by 30% per annum since then. The destination specialist Pacific Island Travel focuses on B2C with the FIT (Fully Independant Traveller) the target market. Travellers from around the world plan and book their Fiji Vacation and Fiji Family Holiday Packages from this website. Pacific Island Travel use the Operations Dashboard to manage their day to day bookings with Travellers and Suppliers, with the centralised Dashboard the main focus of their daily activities.