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Podium Software's Destination Travel Solution is an Omni Channel Ecommerce Solution for Inbound Tour Operators (ITOs) and Destination Management Companies (DMCs). It enables these destination specialists to offer their Hotels, Resorts and Holiday Homes, Activities and Excursions, Rental Cars and Transfers to multiple channels, including B2C with our highly search engine optimised Consumer Websites and Mobile Websites, B2B using the Agent and Wholesaler Extanets or XML API for then to integrate directly with. On top of this we offer a range of Facebook Apps and plug-ins so they can offer Packages or Promotions via specific Facebook Pages or Promotions. We understand that you are the specialist for your destination and you are selling Dreams, Experiences, Honeymoons, Family Vacations, Once in a Lifetime Trips and more. Our solution helps you present those images to your prospective travellers and get them excited and enthused to book with you.

B2C Consumer Channels

Multiple consumer channels are available with the Destination Travel Solution. As with the Internet these are changing, growing and being enhanced almost weekly. Some of our current channels you can use with this solution to reach your consumers are;

  • Highly Search Engine Optimised Consumer Website
  • Speciality Themed Websites for events and activities (such as Weddings or Skiing)
  • Mobile specific or Mobile capable Websites
  • Facebook Apps for use in-page on Facebook Pages
  • Reselling via affilates who use our XML API
  • Using the Agent and Wholesaler network

B2B Business Channels

Travel Agents and Wholesalers who book these Destinations with the operators can now access their Inventory and Rates online anytime of the day. Agents can make bookings and get instant confirmation or request a follow up from the Operator for special requests. Agencies that have their own IT Systems can integrate directly with the operators by consuming our API XML Interface, this gives access to real time availability and rates and allows an agent to book from within their own system (Requires Agent Integration). Some of the key features for Agents and Wholesalers are;

  • Instant Availability and Confirmation
  • Ability to generate an Itinerary or Quote with their own Branding
  • Sending of Quotes to Travellers
  • Create whole packages with a single click
  • Review Specials and Packages on Offer
  • Print Vouchers for Travellers

If you are a Destination Management Company, a Destination Specialist or an Inbound Tour Operator talk to Podium Software today about getting your business online and exposed to as many of these channels as possible.

Operations Dashboard

The Destination Travel Solution offers an Operations Dashboard, where an Inbound Tour Operator can manage much of their daily operations for travellers, suppliers and agents. Some of the key tasks they can perform here are;

  • Review Bookings, planned and confirmed
  • Track and Reply to Enquiries
  • Create Quotes and Itineraries and send to Travellers
  • Review Agents bookings and requests
  • Manage Traveller & Supplier Payments
  • Print schedules for Excursions and Traveller arrangements
  • Produce basic Profit & Loss Report
  • Print or Email Traveller Vouchers

Fiji Accommodation Packages and Holidays

Fiji Accommodation

Fiji Accommodation was launched in November 2011 and has grown in Consumer bookings by 30% per annum since then. The destination specialist Pacific Island Travel focuses on B2C with the FIT (Fully Independant Traveller) the target market. Travellers from around the world plan and book their Fiji Vacation and Fiji Family Holiday Packages from this website. Pacific Island Travel use the Operations Dashboard to manage their day to day bookings with Travellers and Suppliers, with the centralised Dashboard the main focus of their daily activities.