eCommerce - more than shopping carts

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Electronic Commerce, commonly referred to today as eCommerce is the process of transacting business over the internet or other such electronic mediums.

At Podium Software, eCommerce is about enabling our customers to streamline the buying and selling of products and services via their Website or an API (Application Programming Interface) where they exchange data with their customers and suppliers.

eCommerce Booking Engine

Our Destination Travel Solution is an eCommerce solution for Inbound Tour Operators and Destination Management Companies. It enables these operators to sell to Consumers via various channels and advise and book with their Suppliers, again via various channels such as direct connection or email.

Booking Engines Since 1997

Our first Booking Engine was for Urgent Couriers in 1997 when we pioneered booking online in New Zealand with a website that gave Urgent Couriers' customers the ability to request a courier pickup and delivery over the public internet.

eCommerce Middleware

Often there is more than just the taking of an order and processing of a credit card to eCommerce. Part of the solution can be integrating with other systems, sending and receiving of data and then massaging that data into another form so computers or people can understand it. This is our middleware, the skill of getting two disparate systems to talk to one another and exchange data, or provide data to people that is understandable. We can help you get your eCommerce solution interacting with your Suppliers and Customers electronically with some middleware.

Fiji Accommodation Packages and Holidays

Fiji Accommodation

Fiji Accommodation was launched in November 2011 and has grown in Consumer bookings by 30% per annum since then. The destination specialist Pacific Island Travel focuses on B2C with the FIT (Fully Independant Traveller) the target market. Travellers from around the world plan and book their Fiji Vacation and Fiji Family Holiday Packages from this website. Pacific Island Travel use the Operations Dashboard to manage their day to day bookings with Travellers and Suppliers, with the centralised Dashboard the main focus of their daily activities.